With many years experience working with Landlords and Letting agents, we believe that we have the know how to make your property look its absolute best and make potential tenants take notice. After all, that is what it is all about, the tenant wants the best that they can get for their budget.

If your property looks its best, It wont be on the market for long.

We provide an all round service, Cleaning of the property, Oven cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Electrical & Property maintenance, A one stop shop if you will.

From a light clean to a deep clean, from carpets to ovens, from painting to electrical maintenance, we have seen the worst and made them look as good as they possibly can be.

We provide an all round service for landlords & letting agents in Liverpool, AND, No silly prices either, That is why our clients stay with us.

We use the latest equipment and cleaning products, and to top it all, we are an Eco friendly company, which means NO harsh or harmful chemicals, Or lingering smells in your property.

We provide a great service at a great price. End of tenancy cleaning our speciality.